Mortgage Application

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Thank you for your interest in applying for a League Savings mortgage online. Before you begin, please read the information below.

League Savings and Mortgage Company is a regional mortgage lender providing funding for property located in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland. Should you require mortgage financing for a property located elsewhere in Canada follow this link to go to the Canadian Credit Union Association website and use their link to “Find a Credit Union Near You“.

Before You Begin

The application should take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete, provided you have the necessary information close by. We recommend that before you begin, you have the following information available:

  • Social Insurance Number
  • current and previous address (if less than 3 years at current address)
  • income information (from sources such as T-4’s, paystubs, Income Tax return statements)
  • values of properties, investments, savings, automobilies
  • current and previous employment information (eg. employer’s address, telephone number)
  • personal information of any co-applicant
  • information about the property to which the mortgage applies
  • recent mortgage, loan, and credit card statements
  • housing expenses (including property tax, annual condo fee, heating costs)

The Application Process

Step 1 – Applicant Information

Applicant information, including current and previous address, present and previous employer, income, assets and liabilities. Applicant information is required for pre-approved financing, or mortgage approval.

Step 2 – Co-Applicant Information

This step is required if there is a co-applicant. Information, such as that required for the applicant, is also required of any co-applicant for League Savings to approve a mortgage loan. If there is no co-applicant, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3 – Mortgage Details

This step is designed to collect information on the home/property to be financed. For pre-approval, this stage only requires that you indicate the amount you would like to borrow.

Step 4 – Agreement and Submission

The final step of the application is to review the Agreement and submit the completed application to League Savings. These steps are explained in greater detail on the Help page of the mortgage application. We urge you to read the contents of the Help page during the application process.

Click Here to Apply for Online Mortgage Application